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Jelly Beamer® Twist Wireless Switch

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  • Includes red, green, blue & yellow caps
  • Unique wireless coding
  • External jack for other switches

Product Description

The Jelly Beamer Twist wireless switch includes the Jelly Beamer switch that houses a transmitter, and the Jelly Beamer receiver that can be plugged into any switch-adapted device, whether battery operated toys and electric appliances or a digital camera or computer. Each switch is uniquely paired with its receiver, allowing multiple students to use their own Jelly Beamers at the same time, from as far away as 30-feet, without interfering with one another.

  • Includes red, green, blue, and yellow interchangeable switch tops
  • Long battery life with built-in sleep mode for maximum energy efficiency
  • Unique wireless codes eliminating cross-talk between devices
  • Effective range up to 30 feet with no line of sight required
  • External switch jack to make any switch wireless by plugging it into Jelly Beamer
  • Transmitter and receiver require 2 AA batteries each (not included)