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WordQ v4

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  • Hear what you write
  • Read by Listening
  • See your Choices

Product Description

WordQ v4 is a writing tool that empowers students to independently write their own ideas, and check spelling, grammar and punctuation, to become more confident writers. WordQ suggests words for the user, eliminating the need for additional windows on the screen, and provides spoken feedback so students hear sentences repeated and can detect mistakes as they go. WordQ includes fully integrated text-to-speech feedback and flexible spelling options. It also adapts to specific writing styles and improves its performance as it's used.

See your choices: WordQ makes smart word suggestions with every letter you type. See and hear examples for similar sounding words or select from words with the same meaning.

Hear what you write: A high quality voice speaks everything you type so you can hear any spelling or grammar issues that you may not see. Listen to proofread your work.

Read by listening: Have your favorite website read to you. Hear instant-messages, Facebook or Twitter. Wherever you can highlight text, WordQ will read it back to you.

  • Learns which words you like and predicts them faster
  • Predicts words even if they are spelled creatively or missing parts
  • Offers a list of words with similar meaning to add variety to your writing
  • Uses clear and pleasant spoken feedback
  • Gives examples for words that sound similar by using them in a sentence
  • Reads aloud any text you can highlight, including websites, emails and instant-messaging
  • Reads exactly what you write, so poor grammar sounds off and bad punctuation disrupts the rhythm
  • Helps only as much as you need with functions that easily turn on or off
  • Lets you modify word prediction to use specific vocabulary or topics
  • Works with all commonly-used programs Now includes English, French, Spanish and German*
  • Windows
  • A Windows® PC with 1 GHz or higher processor speed
  • Operating System: Windows® XP, Vista (32-bit Vista)*
  • 512 MB RAM or more (1GB+ MB preferred with installation of high quality speech)
  • Sound card and speakers or a headset

  • Note: In 64-bit Vista, WordQ 2.4-2.5 will only function with 32-bit applications such as Microsoft Office 2007 and 32-bit Accessory applications located under \Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories.