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ClaroRead V6


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Product Description

ClaroRead is a highly effective multi-sensory software solution for supporting individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility, users of any age and level of ability will have a world of information unlocked through ClaroRead.

As ClaroRead is closely integrated with Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, practically any text can be spoken aloud by this powerful software. ClaroRead can assist in delivering high quality documents through using the proofreading capability.

Users can also benefit from the addition of included visual tools that color, highlight and focus on difficult to read text as it is spoken by the computer. Words can be spoken back as they are typed, ensuring the accuracy of written papers, tests and study notes.

ClaroRead V6 for PC Toolbar

Available in Standard, Plus, Premium and Pro versions, ClaroRead is easy to use and provides the perfect integrated text to speech tool for use with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. ClaroRead is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The range of additional voices are available in over 20 languages and can be helpful for those learning an additional language.

Support For Open Office 2.4 And 3.0
ClaroRead supports speech in Open Office 2.4 and 3.0. Features supported include highlighting by word, word trail, sentence or paragraph and background colour while highlighting. The features not supported are focus sentence, homophone and spell checker.

Updated Voice List
Claro has always aimed to offer the highest quality voices for inclusion with ClaroRead. All versions of ClaroRead include eight high quality text to speech voices that read anything from the PC clearly and accurately.

Visual Highlighting
The focus sentence feature greys or dims out sentences in Microsoft Word not being spoken by the ClaroRead voice. This is helpful for focusing the eye on the text and for tracking the position in a document. The word trail feature makes words color progressively as they are spoken by ClaroRead. This mode allows effective word by word highlighting, with minimal visual disruption. Any color can be chosen to highlight the text.

Readable Font
The Tiresias family of fonts have been designed for optimum accessibility and usability. Tiresias PC font is now installed by ClaroRead for use in all the Windows applications. Tiresias was developed by Dr John Gill currently at RNIB Scientific Research Unit.

Research And Capture Information
The ClaroCapture program included with ClaroRead allows text to be collected from any document and web page, grouping it as a project file. The research file can be sent to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It can also extract highlighted text from Word documents. A great study skills tool.

Scanning Paper And Converting PDF Files
ClaroRead Plus, Premium and Pro includes the updated Omnipage 17 engine, which gives faster and more accurate scanning, including a rich new Preview function. The Preview function can add, delete and re-order scanned areas, alter page orientation and other settings. The highest quality Optical Character Recognition is now included in ClaroRead Plus, Premium and Pro, making it ideal for scanning or converting books, articles and other content to become accessible, readable and editable.

Word Checking
Word Check gives extra definitions, context for the current spelling and a Google search link within the improved Word Check window. Any corrections made in the ClaroRead spell check window are remembered and it is possible to review spelling corrections later. This information can be used to build a personal correction list and add corrections directly to Word’s Auto-correct in bulk from the ClaroRead Advanced Settings Editor.

High Quality Voices
ClaroRead Pro, Plus and Standard include 8 high quality voices. USA ClaroRead includes 10 Nuance Vocalizer voices.

  • Nuance Vocalizer Daniel (British English)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Jill (American English)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Felix (Canadian French)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Julie(Canadian French)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Tom (American English)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Samantha (American English)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Virginie (French)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Javier (Mexican Spanish)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Moira (Irish English)
  • Nuance Vocalizer Paulina (Mexican Spanish)

  • What's New In ClaroRead V6?

  • ‘Scan from screen’ options to perform OCR on on-screen images. In Plus and Pro versions only.

  • Word and phrase translation for bilingual versions. ClaroRead will display a translation for a selected word, from its installed database. Select multiple words and ClaroRead will use an online translation service to translate the phrase. International Versions only.

  • 50,000 word prediction dictionary with add-on dictionaries targeting specific subjects.

  • Background color highlighting in Internet Explorer, as in Microsoft Word.

  • Speak on select now works when selecting with double- and triple-clicks.

  • Selecting ‘Ignore all’ during a homophone check now causes the homophone to always be ignored.

  • ‘More results’ button in the prediction window allows multiple pages of results to be retrieved when predicting.

  • Support for Acapela 8.2 voices in USB version.

  • Includes ClaroIdeas, our easy to use, powerful and fresh visual software solution for assisting with research, planning, outlining, studying and presenting. ClaroIdeas will help users and groups to capture their ideas, pictures, research notes, web page links, audio and video files with more freedom, flexibility and creativity.

  • Which version do I choose?

    Standard vs. Plus, Premium, and Pro ClaroRead is available in four versions — ClaroRead Standard, ClaroRead Plus, ClaroRead Bundle and ClaroRead Pro.

    ClaroRead Plus has all the Standard features (listed above) but also converts scanned documents and PDF image files into text using the integrated OmniPage Scan and OCR engine. It also echoes text dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software (not supplied within the package).

    ClaroRead Bundle is a pack including ClaroRead Plus installation disk and the portable ClaroRead Standard USB memory stick. The USB runs directly from the memory stick on any PC — no files will be installed. This allows a student, for example, to take ClaroRead with them on the go to any computer station they will be working on. It also includes the NEW Exporter feature.

    ClaroRead Pro has all of the Plus features but also includes powerful new technology that will scan and convert any publication, even other PDF's into an editable PDF that can be read out loud in Adobe Reader with color highlighting. This means there is no reason to rescan existing electronic files as is required with other related color highlighting and scan programs. ClaroRead Pro ensures that any scanned or inaccessible document will be perfectly reproduced with all pictures, diagrams, columns and text intact.

  • Call for Qty License Pricing
  • Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista SP2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 250MB hard disk space
  • DVD drive
  • Microsoft Word 2003,2007 or 2010
  • Sound Card
  • Scanner Supporting TWAIN or WIA Drivers required for Scan2Text scan from paper. Click here for a list of compatible scanners (select Omnipage 17)
  • Click here to view our ClaroRead for PC tutorial videos